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Let's face facts, no one plays video games to just play - you play to win. There’s nothing like the feeling of being the last man standing in Fortnite, scoring the deciding goal in FIFA soccer, or being victorious in Battlefield 4.
But to win, gamers need high-speed Internet to compete at a high level. Why? A millisecond can be the difference of outwitting your opponent.
And if you live in a household where you share the Internet among 2 or more people, your connection will be even slower because everyone is pulling data on multiple devices for things like Hulu, Netflix, Internet, TV, Wi-Fi, etc. 
Below are some suggestions to get the ultimate gaming experience:
  1. Find an Internet provider that guarantees symmetrical speeds.
It’s critical for gamers to have guaranteed upload and download speeds to ensure that ping and latency are not issues.
Latency is the time it takes data packets to travel from your server to your device. Ping is the time it takes a data packet to leave the device to reach your server, and then have the data return back to the device from the server. 
Ping and latency both measure lag and having lag in your game can reduce the gamer’s ability to play at a high level. It also causes a lot of frustration. I’ve witnessed many people experience lag, which throws off the timing of your game play, and eventually, controllers are thrown in a fit of rage. 
  1. Say no to data caps
Most Internet service providers put caps on data and how much you can stream per month, which can add up pretty quickly if you’re not careful. They can place a hard cap or a soft cap on your data. If it’s a hard cap, you could see your service get shutdown without warning. If it’s a soft cap, your bill will be extremely higher at the end of the month because the provider will just charge you for exceeding the cap without telling you. 
At GoNetspeed, we provide direct, fiber-optic connectivity for your Internet needs – giving you the ultimate Internet speed for gaming ranging from 150 Mbps to 1 Gigabit. Our service is symmetrical and there are no data caps, no hidden fees, no additional taxes – just reliable connectivity for multiple devices to be using the Internet at the same time.
Stop wasting time and money on inferior Internet connectivity. Game the system and sign up for GoNetspeed service today at
Posted: 4/22/2019 9:56:17 AM

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