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The Pain of Change Is Totally Worth It

These are busy times. Maybe you’re juggling remote work and remote learning, all while keeping up the house, and still trying to make time for yourself and your family. It sure seems like the last thing you would want to do is add switching internet providers to that list, but we hope this article will help illuminate the benefits of switching to fiber internet. Here are just a few.
Symmetrical Speeds
Most providers focus on download speed and restrict upload speed with the thinking that the majority of online activities require broader download bandwidth. But having symmetrical speeds ensures that the whole house can Zoom, stream, game, chat and access the cloud seamlessly.
Fixed, Flat-Rate Forever Pricing
We know that’s a lot of words up there and coming from an internet provider they might seem foreign. Allow us to break it down. GoNetspeed has three speed packages each at a fixed price point. This means our pricing isn’t promotional, and it won’t increase after the first year of service—or ever. When we say “flat-rate” that means everything is included, no taxes or fees will ever show up on your bill. No, really!
Freakishly Friendly Customer Service
Whether you’re dealing with our installation team or our customer service team, GoNetspeed is all about friendly, helpful service to our customers. Installations are quick and professional—no 4- or 8-hour “windows.” And when you need answers about your account—or anything really—you can get in touch with a real, live, happy human 24/7.
If you’re still reading, great! We hope that means we’ve answered some of your burning questions and put you at ease about making the switch. We’ve also got some super handy information about how you can cut the cord on cable and still access all your favorite programming (while saving *$1,000/year!). And if you’re curious how installation works, one of our customers was so thrilled with his service that he made us this great video.
When you’re ready, hit that “check availability” link at the top of the page. We can’t wait to have you as a customer!
* Estimated cost savings based on average competitor pricing. Actual savings may vary by location. 
Posted: 8/31/2020 2:18:30 PM

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*Estimated cost savings based on average competitor pricing. Actual savings may vary by location. Assumes monthly YouTube TV subscription fee of $64.99 a month. YouTube TV-specific savings of up to $500/year calculated by annualizing mean reported monthly spending on pay-TV of $107 and subtracting the annualized $64.99 monthly base package costs of YouTube TV. Based on a study by the Leichtman Research Group, published Oct. 31, 2018. YouTube TV is a trademark of Google LLC.