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Keeping Your Comcast Email Address

Are you looking to switch Internet providers, but are afraid that you will lose your current email address? Don’t let this stop you from getting the Internet you deserve. Depending on your current provider you may be able to keep your email address, or you can make the switch to another email provider.

Using Comcast email if you have disconnected your Comcast service:

If you are disconnecting your services with Comcast but want to keep your Comcast email, you can do so very easily. According to the Comcast support page found here, “you can still use your email address if you logged into your account in the 90 days prior to disconnecting your service. Your email account will remain active as long as you access it at least once every nine months.”

After you disconnect your service, you will still have access to the following email features:
  • Address book
  • Managing settings and preferences within My Account
  • Deactivating email accounts
  • Changing an existing email address
You will no longer have access to the following features:
  • Adding new email account(s)
  • Viewing Voice and Text Messaging tabs within Xfinity Connect or the Xfinity Connect app

Switching your email address:

If you want or need to make the switch to a new email address, you can create a new email address with a free provider like Google Mail, Yahoo or Outlook. If you are ending service with your current provider, find out how long you’ll have access to your old email address before it’s deactivated and plan accordingly. Make sure to choose your new email address wisely, choosing a name that will last over time.

The following manufacturer support resources can help you move current email content to your new email account:

Google Mail Support
Yahoo Support
Outlook Support

Once you have your new email up and running, it’s time to tell all your contacts about your new email address. Be sure to use the Bcc option (blind copy) in the address bar, so you don’t accidentally share other people’s email addresses with the whole group. You may also want to add a signature that calls out the fact that your email has changed.

Posted: 6/1/2018 10:31:53 AM

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