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COVID-Safe Halloween Tricks or Tips

 For many, watching the joy and delight of your neighborhood kids all dressed up for Halloween is one of your favorite times of year. And while this year’s trick-or-treating may look a little different, you can still enjoy the company of friends and neighbors as you safely capture the spirit. Check out these helpful suggestions for a safe and festive COVID Halloween.
Virtual costume contests share your spooky spirit beyond door to door.
Don’t pass up your costume idea just yet! In fact, this year’s social gathering limitations give costumes an advantage to include more props, decor and many other creative touches you wouldn’t want to wear all night at your usual Halloween festivities. Think backdrops, lighting, poses, filters and more! You’ll also enjoy immediate affirmation about the costume you’ve been preparing for weeks thanks to your friendly followers.
Not in to dressing up? Don’t worry, virtual pet costume contests may be more your speed. Plus, have you ever tried to keep ladybug antennas on a freakishly friendly puppy? A quick Zoom appearance will do the trick without the hassle.
Take your costume on the road!
Whether it’s riding in a vehicle, on your bike or glass slippers to pavement, costume parades are a safe way for the whole neighborhood to enjoy the season. To keep everyone safe, stick to the most open-air route, distance more than six feet from others and most importantly wear a mask.
While it’s easier to add character to your costume this year with a festive Halloween mask, make sure you and your family are not wearing costume masks over protective cloth masks as it could be difficult to breathe. Instead, choose a costume that pairs well with your mask or decorate your own.
While tricks may be best left at home, treats can still play their role in a COVID Halloween.
Depending on the neighborhood kids’ ages, there are all kinds of alternatives to classic door-to-door trick-or-treating. For kids who crave adventure, a neighborhood scavenger hunt is a must. Send them out in small groups with a list of your favorite Halloween decor to bring out the familiar competitive spirit of beating your friends to the next house or gathering the most candy. However, this time the kids will be collecting photos and quickly sending them to the scavenger hunt leader to be counted toward the grand prize. It’s not only about the kids’ speed but also their photo creativity!
If your younger ones are looking for something more traditional, one-way trick-or-treating allows minimal contact between neighbors. This is best executed when individually packaged goodie bags are set at the end of the yard or driveway. You’ll want to make sure your neighbors washed their hands before assembling, and same for you when enjoying!
If you’re looking to stay home and celebrate Halloween with your household, collecting candy can still be an experience to remember. One word: piñata. Few kids need convincing to hit a hanging object with a stick to be rewarded with tasty treats raining down. Even better, you can live stream the comical event to share laughs with your friends and family in real time. After all the candy has been collected, the costumes admired and the sugar rushes having slowed down, streaming your favorite Halloween movie is a festive end to the celebrations.
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Posted: 10/22/2020 9:36:09 AM

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