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Got questions or need a sidekick to help troubleshoot? Call our super-smart, super-friendly staff anytime toll-free at 855-891-7291. Or click the little orange chat icon on this page. Easy! If you're the more independent type, we've got some supportive stuff to read below. Or shoot us an email:

Here's a list of how we're here for you.


Account support

Once you've set up your GoNetspeed online account (start the process by clicking the Check Availability button above), the magic can begin. A painless autopay set-up will bill you on the 17th (or next business day) of each month. It'll be the same nice flat fee every time (unless there's an installation charge or late payment fee). It bums us out to even consider it-but if you're ever dissatisfied with GoNetspeed, you can easily turn it off. Before you go there though, give us a chance to resolve whatever the issue may be. Call us, hit the chat icon or email us:

Please click here for help with your 1st invoice from GoNetspeed.


Installation support

When your GoNetspeed account is "live," we'll email you a link so you can pick a date/time to get hooked up to the fiber-fast future. The install is a two-parter: first, our courteous techs will do an outdoor set-up (takes 1-2 hours). If it makes sense timing-wise, they may stop by a few days before your appointment to get the outside stuff out of the way. (You don't need to be home for that.) On the actual appointment day, we'll need you (or another adult in the household) to be home for the interior step (also takes 1-2 hours). That's it!

Equipment support

Two hard-working little units complete your connection: the ONT and a router (which we will provide for FREE).
  • The ONT (Optical Network Terminal) acts as a modem to connect your home to the fiber internet. We'll bring and mount an ONT to a wall in your home during installation. Click here for the basic anatomy of an ONT.
  • GoNetspeed provides a Nokia Beacon router. The WiFi Router is an advanced in-home Wi-Fi 6 router that brings unveiled performance and reliability to every corner of your home.
  • If your home has WiFi dead zones and will need better WiFi coverage than a traditional WiFi router can handle, GoNetspeed offers a Mesh Extender for $9.95/month. Learn more here.

Advanced tech support

If you're a business or individual who needs to lease an IP address (or a Plex user who may need a public IP address), call us at 855-891-7291 or email us:

A public static IP address may be required for the following:
  • Web Hosting
  • Remote Access to Devices in Your Home (e.g. cameras, servers, etc.)
  • Plex Server
  • VPN Connectivity

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