Together We're Making A Difference in Beaver County!

GoNetspeed and the United Way of Beaver County Have Partnered Together For A Special Offer

By signing up today for GoNetspeed's 100% fiber-optic Internet service through this webpage, Beaver County residences get $25 off their third month of service AND free installation ($100 value) of the fastest Internet speeds for your home or residence, while GoNetspeed donates $50 to the United Way of Beaver County for each sign-up! 

Are you tired of poor customer service, slow Internet speeds, high prices, and hidden costs? GoNetspeed provides Internet speeds up to 100x faster than traditional bandwidth providers. Our packages start at 100 Mbps priced at $50 with no taxes or surcharges, no contracts, identical upload and download speeds, and a Lifetime Price Pledge.

Sign up today and together we can make a difference for families across Beaver County through the United Way!


  • GoNetspeed currently services areas within Aliquippa, Ambridge, Baden, Beaver, Beaver Falls, Conway, Monaca, New Brighton and Rochester